3B is Local, Specific and will Sunset

A 50 meter pool is the perfect size for Longmont and will allow for the versatility that our community needs.  Yes, it could be set-up as 10 lanes that are 50 meters long. This is great for swim meets and training for swimmers and triathletes alike.  Typically the pool will be set up in 20, 25 yard lanes which will accommodate leisure swimmers, lap swimmers, lessons and teams.

This picture shows a 50 meter pool that has been configured for lessons on the far end, lap swimming in the middle and open swim with an obstacle course on the close end.

Like the Gymnasium at the Recreation Center at Quail Campus on South Main St., both the pool and ice rink can be used for multiple activities at the same time. The competition size sheet of ice can be set up for curling, skaters, lessons or hockey simultaneously.


Lazy rivers are fun for families and help with rehabilitation of injuries. 

Multiple possibilities for ice configurations!